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Q. How do I register on Keepmefit - Spark?

A : Keepmefit - Spark is a free downloadable app available on Appstore and Playstore, one can sign up using their E-mail ID and mobile number credentials.

Q. How do I update my profile?

A : You need to login first with your email / Phone credentials after login you can go to "SETTINGS" option and update your profile.

Q. How do I connect My Fitness Device to Keepmefit - Spark?

A : You can first Login to Keepmefit - Spark with your credentials. Go to Left Menu and select "Connect my Fitness Device" Make sure your Bluetooth should be "ON" and follow the process to connect.

Q. Can I connect more than 1 Device?

A : NO, Only ONE Device can be connected to your profile.

Q. What are Keepmefit Challenges?

A : Keepmefit - Spark Challenge relate to Walking where a challenger can create challenge and invite any number of people to participate

Q. Who can create Challenges?

A : Any one can create Challenges

Q. When can I join a Challenge?

A : You can join the challenge when you get an Invite from the challenger or you can create your own challenge also and request participants to participate.

Q. How many Challenges can I join?

A : You can join only 1 (One) active challenge at a time.

Q. How winner is validated ?

A : Winner is validated on the total steps covered by the participants in the challenge.

Q. How can I Invite my Friends?

A : You can go to Left Menu and Invite your friends from the Contacts or through Share Via (Message, WhatsApp, Mail, or any messenger application)

Q. What is Keepmefit - Spark Community?

A : Communities are a set of people with common goal to achieve it can be “Sports Academies, “Health Groups” , Schools and institutions.

Q. Who can create Community?

A : Any one can create Community.