Process : Ask A Doctor

Ask a doctor:

First of all launch the app, then if you have account click on sign in if you dont have then click on sign up.


For registration of a customer we have to give his valid first name, last name, gender, date of birth, email-id, mobile number and we can register him by clicking on sign up button. If a customer is already registered then he will get pop-up that you have already registered otherwise it will show success message.


After signing in you can ask questions to doctor, click on ask a question option and proceed. You can choose for whom you want to ask a question by clicking on checkbox the patient will get selected. If you want to add another other member of your family we can add by giving his name, last name, relationship, date of birth, gender and blood group. Click on next—then you will get another page where you will get to select diseases according to that you can ask questions. After selecting the disease write the question what doubt you have on your mind, you have to write down all under that , our doctor will solve all queries related to that. If a patient want he can add their vitals, medical conditions, medication, allergy etc for better understanding of doctor. Under vital patient has to give his weight, height, waist size, temperature, oxygen saturation level, pulse, diastole and systole. Under medical condition we add all disease we have or we had before. Next we can add prescription which is provided by doctor you can add date, medicine which is provided to you. If a patient have any allergies he can add under the allergies. At last you will get all your summary. Lists of questions will display under list of questions page where you can see all question you have asked.